www.echopin.pl - new portal about Chopin coming soon!

How easy it is to find short encyclopedic answers to easy questions such as where was born or what composed Frideric Chopin knows everyone whoe ever tried to search. But which encyclopedy can answer childich questions – what he liked eating, what flowers was his favourite, how he used to dress? Which one can in an appropriate and interesting way tell something about the compositor’s life, personality, music and epoch?

This is how the idea of creating a web portal ment specially for children appeared and we are very happy to announce you that the last project prepared by BSCC within the Chopin Year – portal www.echopin.pl – will be launched soon!

Using the portal children will not only get to know Master’s touching music or his biography, but will also be able to travell virtually to the places Chopin visited, places where he lived and created. They will find out who were the friends of the great composer, members of his family, his teachers, what he liked doing as a child, wheather he had some other passions and talents apart of music…

The portal is also a great source of knowledge for those interested in the time Chopin lived – information about discoveries that changed XIX century, about arts, architecture, historical facts, great minds of the epoch is also what you can find there.

Of course, a portal about a famous composer cannot exist without pieces of his music

For those who like spending time playing games we’ve prepared four educational online games that will give kids a chance to get to know something more not only about Chopin, but also about music and composition in general.

The portal is inspired by a book of Anna Czerwińska-Rydel Jaśnie Pan Pichon. Rzecz o Fryderyku Chopinie. We also used beautiful illustrations of one of the finest Polish illustrators, Józef Wilkoń.

Portal is beeing launched soon, but its contents shall be developed and – with time - will get even more rich and interesting.

Feel invited!