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24.07.2021 - 24.07.2021

Brave Kids Finale

Event location: Old Town Hall

Admission: free. Registration required: LINK

The final presentation of the two-week artistic work within the framework of Brave Kids Gdańsk 2021. Let's see what the children will say about themselves and their hobbies, get to know their talents and emotions, and especially feel the magic of the meeting, cooperation and freedom of expression.
The Brave Kids
final presentation is prepared by the participants with the support of the Brave Kids artistic instructors: Weronika Figurska-Zięba, Ewa Hubar and Ola Mońko.
The idea of Brave Kids is MEETING. And this meeting is special, because its most important aspect is DIVERSITY in all possible aspects: individual, cultural, linguistic and social. In the current situation of limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's edition took the form of a meeting and focused on the search for diversity among children living in the same city. Local Brave Kids - is a project proposing the transfer of many years of experience of the Brave Kids project and the unique model of work "children teach children" to activities of a national character with the participation of individuals or groups who have lived close to each other for years and know very little, or perhaps nothing about each other. We open ourselves to what is hidden under the masks of everyday life and then we go on a joint search and discovery of diversity and hidden talents among ourselves and in our own backyard!

How does it work?
Brave Kids are artistic and creative events for local art groups or individuals interested in creative encounters with others. The workshops are led by experienced instructors based on the "children teach children" model of work. They are based on discovering the potential and talents of individual participants, who then share their skills with others. The workshops include exercises which support the expression and creative freedom of individual participants through artistic elements: movement, dance, art and music, as well as team games. The idea behind the workshop is to strengthen children's self-confidence, develop their ability to cooperate and act creatively in a group, as well as their communication and empathy skills.
Event within the Multicultural Pomerania project
The event is part of the Brave Kids 2021 programme financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Wrocław Municipality