Bałtyckie Spotkania Ilustratorów 2022
14.10.2022 - 06.01.2023

Baltic Meetings of Illustrators

October 14, 2022 - January 6, 2023
Place: NCK - Old Town Hall
Entrance: free


For many years, the Baltic Meetings of Illustrators have enabled enthusiasts of picture narrative to MEET with creators of illustrations from Poland and abroad. Taking part in the Meetings and playing together is an aesthetic experience, a wealth of inspiration and education: here we meet the artists, their works and books, which we might not have come across otherwise; we explore unfamiliar worlds, discover the cultures of other nations and of our own, and often we discover ourselves.

We would like this year’s event to have a special character. The exhibition at the Old Town Hall will be a MEETING of outstanding Ukrainian and Polish illustrators. 30 creators from these two countries will establish a dialogue that, hopefully, will continue for years to come. We have encouraged Polish and Ukrainian artists to select one another’s works to be included in the exhibition – this interactive curatorial activity is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. This is meant to be an experiment, so there is no specific narrow framework, and the nature and character of the works are determined by experts who are well familiar with the art of illustration and can see details that take time for others to discover.

Although the selection of work is entirely free, we are aware that the tragedy that has affected Ukraine has also made an impact on the art of illustration, which has become a weapon in the fight against the aggressor, and the voice of the illustrators has often become the voice of the whole nation.

The exhibition is intended to present the works of Ukrainian illustrators – not only the pictures created during the war, but also those who shaped them as artists. The exhibition will also provide us with an opportunity to discover and better understand the Ukrainian culture, nowadays so closely intertwined with the Polish culture.

A special event is also planned for this year. In addition to the main exhibition and traditional lectures and workshops in the Town Hall, we will hold the first edition of the “ILUSTRATOR” Illustrated Communication Festival.

This international industry event will help to consolidate the illustrators’ environment, exchange experiences and network. The Festival venue will be St. John's Centre in Gdańsk. This way the 17th Baltic Meetings of Illustrators inaugurates its cooperation with the Karol Śliwka Foundation, the originator and producer of the Festival.


Patryk Hardziej