07.08.2005 - 07.08.2005

26th European Broadcasting Union International Folk Festival

Organizer: Polish Radio Co.
Co-organizer: BSCC, City Hall in Gdańsk, Gdańsk International Fair Co.

The EBU International Folk Music Festival has a 25 year long tradition. The festival is held in a different country each year and is an important event in the music world, well-known in Europe and the rest of the world. This year it is organized in Poland (Gdańsk) on the occasion of 80th anniversary of Polish Radio. The main aims of these festivals are: promotion of the tradition of European nations, support of ethnic identity, promotion of the young musicians. There are about 20 bands every year which represent radio broadcastings from their counties. The concerts will take place between 5 - 7 August in St. John Centre and on the open-air stage on Long Market – the most representative street in Gdańsk.

Long Market - open air stage
16.00 Oni Wytars (Germany)
17.00 Traband (Czech Republic)
18.00 The Wrigley Sisters (Scotland)
19.00 Marina Kapura i zespół (Russia)
20.00 Trebunie Tutki i Kinior Future Soundsystem (Poland)