02.08.2005 - 02.08.2005

Sławomir Lipnicki "Olimpiada" - opening of the exhibition

Thr theme of Sławomir Lipnicki exhibition focuses upon the bodies of sportsmen held in the frame of the picture. However, the inspiration of the artist is not a direct observation of the competition.The starting point of his work are photographs by Leni Riefenstahl taken during the 9 th Olimpics in Berlin in1936, so Lipnicki creates interpretation of interpretations. He becomes fascinated with both, the novelty of the esthetics of the photographs, and the manner she perceives the visual phenomena. The attitude of Riefenstahl to the photographed object is unequivocal. We can see she was seduced by the classicism of the totalitarian formula of representation: the bodies fighting the limitations of space and gravitation are tired, and yet freed. They personify the supermen, the dream come true of nazi ideology. On the other hand, in her individual, feminine way, Leni underlines the androgynity of the trained and muscular bodies.
Lipnicki leads us into the space of illustrative instalation where the glass which separates the spectator from the picture is at the same time the panoramic window allowing us to watch the action of the games. The glass may also be the mirror of Narcyssus in which we search for ourselves as heros - superman. The presented bodies, caught in a fractional episode are frozen in one of the four elements. Water, air, earth, fire are for the sportsman invisible opponents with whom he must fight, conquer, score. The elements define also the symbolics of Olimpiad from The Greecs on stressing the continuum of the tradition, independent from changable waters of history.