05.04.2011 - 05.04.2011

"Panna Ferbelin" - promotion of a new novel of Stefan Chwin

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre and Tytuł Publishing House invite for a promotion of a new novel of Stefan Chwin, Panna Ferbelin (Miss Frebelin).
The conversation with an Author will led rev. Krzysztof Niedałtowski and dr Bartosz Dąbrowski (University of Gdansk).
The meeting will be hosted by Krystyna Chwin.

START: 6.00 pm

About a book…
It’s the end of XIX. century in Gdansk. Main characters of the novel are: prossecutor Hammels, his son Helmut, Miss Ferbelin and her father as well as Kurt Niemand, whom the citizens of Gdansk call „the teacher of Neustadt”. Unexpected coincidences cause that stories of those people surprisingly meet.
In this book the truth mingles together with legend and the stories of main characters meet the myth. Thanks to it, the book gets its very own universal meaning and – though tells a story of a past – it also deeply touches the present matters.

Stefan Chwin (born 1949) – novelist, literary critic and historian of literature. Author of novels, diaries, essays.
The most well-known novel by Stefan Chwin is entitled Hanemann (1995). It has been translated into German, Swedish, Spanish and English.