07.04.2011 - 07.04.2011

"Konrad Leczkow – Three Stories" - lecture of Janusz Mosakowski

A lecture of Janusz Mosakowski Konrad Leczkow – Three Stories will both – introduce the life of mayor of Gdansk, Konrad Leczkow and pay him tribute in the 600th anniversary of his death (6 April 1411).


  • mini spectacle – short scens of knights' fight during Grunwald battle, capturing of Leczkow and his death
  • lecture: three forms of stories about Konrad Leczkow – a story of history, of literature and popular culture
  • a show of knight fight

Konrad Leczkow (or Conrad Letzkau) was born in the second half of XIV century in a village Leszkowy; died in 1411 in Gdansk. He was a mayor of Gdansk (Main Town) within the years of 1405-1411.

START: 5:00 pm