06.04.2011 - 06.04.2011

"Polacy potrafią!" - promotion of a book of Marion Brandt

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre and the European Centre of Solidarity invite for a meeting promoting a book of Marion Brandt Polacy potrafią! Polski Październik i Solidarność w oczach pisarzy wschodnioniemieckich (Poles Can! Polish October and Solidarity in the eyes of the East German Writers).

A conversation with the Author and Wolfgang Templin will be led by Grzegorz Berendt. Fragments of a book will be read by Zbigniew Jankowski.

START: 6.00 pm

About a book…
On the basis of documents, publications, memories and interviews the Author reconstruct reactions of writers and intelectuals of GDR on the Polish October ’56 and a revolution of Solidarity (1980-1981). She’s mostly interested in weather and to what degree the GDR writers repeated ideological and national stereotypes about Poland and to what degree they managed to break them.

Looking for political, ideological and psychological causes of the fact that a „Polish-German Solidarity” never came into being gets even more interesting when we take a glance on the history of Poles, Germans, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks from the time of a fight „for our freedom and yours”. When we do it, it’s easy to see that the historical reasons weren’t at all that far. Marion Brandt entered almost an unknown space and challanged German and Polsih historians.
Wojciech Pięciak (Tygodnik Powszechny 2003, nr 24)

Dr Marion Brandt - professor of University of Gdansk. She researches Polish-German relations in literature, deals with the German literature of XX century and literature connected with Gdansk.