06.05.2011 - 06.05.2011

Benefit of Jarosław Janiszewski and the Bielizna band

25th anniversary of artistic work of one of the most important bands of the Tri-City Alternative Scene, Bielizna, is definitively a good reason to celebrate!
A real benefit cannot go without honourable guests - this is why we have invited: Jarosław „Joe Dassin” Ziętek, Władysław „Demiurg” Zaporowski, the „Vulgar” band, PhD Jerzy Jankau. The evening will be hosted by Tadeusz Wolański and the members of Bielizna - Jarosław Furman, Jarosław Figura, Jarosław Jarmakowicz, Krzysztof Stachura will not only show up, but also perform…

START: 7.00 pm

Bielizna (underwear in Polish) appeared in the mid 80s and quickly became one of the leading bands of the Tri-City Alternative Scene. They entered Polish music scene with a hit: their first single was titled Terrorystyczne Bojówki (Terrorist Militia) and soon became number two of an independent radio Rozgłośnia Harcerska charts. Bielizna followed through with their 1987 debut Taniec lekkich goryli (Light Gorilla Dance), whose sound and shocking lyrics by Jarosław Janiszewski made quite an impression on listeners.
Janiszewski (aka Doctor), apart of being a frontman of Bielizna is also known as a showman and presenter – he hosted his music programme on TV (Rock Noc) and led many untypical events, including concerts of the legendary Jarocin Festival.
For more visit the band's website.