11.04.2011 - 11.04.2011

Meeting with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Jeden Świat Pomeranian Association for the Integration of Culture and Art and the Cultural Association POLAND – AZERBAIJAN invite for the seventh meeting in a framework of the Ambassadors and the World’s Pulse cycle.

During the meeting with His Excellency Hasan Aziz ogly Hasanov, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Poland we shall talk about the national policy of USSR in Azerbaijan and its consequences in the present Republic of Azerbaijan.

The conversation will be led by professor Jacek Trebinka.

START: 5.00 pm

The aim of the Ambassadors and the World’s Pulse cycle is to take up a discourse about the most important problems and transformations occurring in the modern world. To our discussions we invite mostly Ambassadors of various countries the knowledge about which is often stereotypical. In reality, those countries witness dynamic transformations that are too significant to regard them as local phenomena only.